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Interior Chinatown

"Interior Chinatown" opens the door to rich discussions that cover themes about race, poverty, stereotypes and body image, family relationships, a longing for home and more. 

The resources and readings below offer supplemental ways to engage with students, faculty, staff and community members as we come together to participate in the 2022-2023 Campus Read.

Favorite Quotes

“You came here, your parents and their parents and their parents, and you always seem to have just arrived and yet never seem to have actually arrived.” 

“Who gets to be an American? What does an American look like?” 

“As, everyone knows, water hates poor people. Given the opportunity, water will always find a way to make poor people miserable, typically at the worst time possible.” 

“When he steps up and starts slaying ‘Country Roads,’ try not to laugh, or wink knowingly or clap a little too hard, because by the time he gets to "West Virginia, mountain mama," you're going to be singing along, and by the time he's done, you might understand why a seventy-seven-year-old guy from a tiny island in the Taiwan Strait who's been in a foreign country for two-thirds of his life can nail a song, note perfect, about wanting to go home.” 

“There are a few years when you make almost all of your important memories. And then you spend the next few decades reliving them.” 


Do you know a book that would stimulate conversation and engage the campus and community?

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