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Campus Read Grants

Getting Creative in the Classroom with the Campus Read

The Office of the Provost is offering grants up to $1,000 for faculty and staff to expand program or curriculum development around the Campus Read.  

Purpose: To encourage and enable faculty to integrate the Campus Read, Margot Shetterly’s "Hidden Figures," into a 2017-2018 class.  Broader goals of this award are to provide a multidisciplinary platform for deeper learning, foster a continuation of intellectual discourse and discussion among students on campus, and help enhance the campus commitment to social justice.

Program Eligibility: The program will be open to full-time faculty teaching at WVU and at Regional Campuses and to full-time staff working directly with students (e.g. advisors) or engaged in developing programming for students (e.g. Student Life staff).

Process: Applicants will submit a structured lesson or program plan incorporating the book, Hidden Figures, into an event or class for the 2017-2018 Academic Year.  The plan should include the name of the class/event, goals, learning outcomes, a short statement explaining the connection between the course/event topic and Shetterly’s work, assessment, and a well-defined plan on how students will demonstrate learning in such a way as to produce some sort of artifact related to themes from the book. 

Artifacts could take the form, for example, of research papers, videos, an organized and filmed speaker panel, a speaker series, or some other creative medium.

Applicants selected will receive a Campus Read Integration Grant of $1,000 to be awarded as professional development money.

Outcome: The expected outcome of this grant is the integration of the Campus Read into courses.  These products will be made available in the WVU Libraries as part of the 2017 Campus Read Library Research Guide and available to future scholars.  Award recipients will be expected to do the following:

  • Collaborate with the Campus Read organizers to celebrate and demonstrate student work
  • Be willing to participate in a public panel describing their experience incorporating the Campus Read
  • Provide evidence of incorporation of the Campus Read in the class/event

Application: Please submit the online proposal form by September 30 (for Spring 2018 consideration).

Questions: Contact Susan Lantz, the director of the WVU Campus Read, or  Ann Claycomb, assistant vice president, Office of the Provost.