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These events are open to the public.  


Beyond the Book

"Educated: A Memoir" is the best-selling book about one woman's quest to get an education despite the odds. She was raised in rural Idaho by parents who didn't allow their children to go to school. The author, Tara Westover, was 17 the first time she stepped  into a classroom.

The campus will be planning a series of events around the themes of the book:
  • Education: what it means to be educated
  • Self-reliance, resiliance, and determination
  • First generation students and the "hidden curriculum"
  • Forms of knowledge and types of intelligence
  • Skepticism of institutions and experts in science, universities, and governmental agencies
  • Mental health for students and family members
  • Abusive relationships, family violence
If you're interested in using the book in the classroom or developing an event, contact Ryan Claycomb, director of the Campus Read and the Humanities Center. 

We have have a list of events as we get closer to fall.